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The Last Match isn't just your average production; it's a heartfelt tribute to the intertwined worlds of professional wrestling, musical theater, and live rock music, suitable for audiences of all ages. Crafted by passionate fans, it stands as a beacon of the fervor, drama, and sheer spectacle that define these beloved forms of entertainment.

Leading this ambitious endeavor are visionary creators, each a luminary in their respective fields. Jason Huza, celebrated writer and lyricist, crafts narratives of triumph and turmoil infused with the raw emotion of the ring. His words breathe life into characters that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

Driving the project forward with unwavering determination is Jeremiah James, a titan of the stage serving as director, lead producer, and co-book writer. His keen insight and boundless creativity shape the narrative, guiding it toward greatness amidst the turbulent waters of storytelling.

At the heart of the production lies the musical genius of Sylvana Joyce and C. Robert Smith, whose compositions elevate the experience to unprecedented heights. Through their melodies, they capture the essence of the wrestling world, leaving a lasting impression long after the final curtain falls.

Yet, the magic of The Last Match extends beyond its creative core. Former WWE star Afa Jr and ex-NXT sensation Bull James lend their expertise as choreographers, crafting electrifying sequences that pulse with the energy of the ring.

From its electrifying live shows at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, NJ, The Last Match has captivated audiences, selling out all four performances. The original soundtrack and live performances featured a star-studded ensemble, including Tony-nominated actor Ramin Karimloo, TikTok sensation Amber Ardolino, and pro-wrestling icon Matt Cardona. AEW's Thunder Rosa also contributed a single to The Last Match, adding to its electrifying allure.

In the world of The Last Match, the ring becomes a stage and the stage a battleground—a place where legends are born and dreams realized. As long as there are stories to tell and battles to fight, The Last Match will endure as a testament to the power of imagination and the indomitable spirit of humanity, inviting audiences of all ages to join in the experience.

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